What is Short Throw Projector? Pro Tips to choose one

You often come across a projector capable of projecting at a long throw distance, especially at the cinema, but what is short throw projector?

When encountering certain inconveniences in using traditional ones, along with the development of technology, they have improved and introduced devices capable of close projection.

It helps you overcome many limitations, such as having someone move through the lens in front of you while the movie is playing.

We have created this article to help you with reviews and other more objective information about this product. Let’s explore with us now!

What Is Short Throw Projector?

BenQ MW632ST – Short Throw Projector

The short throw is a projector that only needs a distance of fewer than 9 feet or 3 meters to display a 100″ image.

If you know of devices requiring greater space, they are common throws. These numbers I refer to are related to how manufacturers categorize distances.

Besides, they also divide the categories according to the percentage of throws. It’s calculated as the distance divided by the image size, namely how many feet each screen foot needs. For traditional devices, you’ll find the ratio to be 2, but newer, more advanced products have a smaller percentage.

If you are interested in gaming projectors, manufacturers have made models with ratios as low as 1.1-1.3, even better this number, from 0.9 to 1. The short-throw distance and low ratio often produce low input lag and true 4K HDR.

You should use these products for gaming or movie watching purposes in more environments, not just the confines of home cinema projectors. It has the ability to work well in small spaces; it is easy to set up and suitable for more users.

Short Throw Projector Benefit

A short-throw version is a good projection device under certain circumstances.

First, you don’t need too much space for this product, and it has overcome most of the disadvantages of traditional long throwers.

With a short-throw unit, you don’t need to sit far from the screen, creating a relationship between the device and rooms that are suitable for many people.

Second, the picture and picture quality will be enhanced without distortion when you have the screen close together. 

At the same time, it will not create interruptions and disturbances when people and pets are in front of the lens, and there will be no unwanted shadows on the screen. As a result, the resulting image of a short-throw one will be more consistent when it has a light that doesn’t need to travel through multiple media.

Third, you can place your projector flexibly in rooms and spaces of varying sizes.

You will not need to hesitate when building or choosing large rooms. The feature meets the needs of gamers or movie-watchers when they increasingly want to experience large wall-mounted screens when living in apartments.

Finally, setting up a device is also so simple that almost anyone can do it quickly, without making the user difficult like a traditional machine.

How To Choose One?

To help you choose the best short one for your home cinema or gaming, we provide the features you should consider.


Not only should you keep screen size in mind during your short version selection process, but you should also consider weight and distance from the screen. 

Currently, different manufacturers and brands will provide diverse sizes for the diverse needs of users in the market.


The Brightness

When it comes to brightness, you need to learn about lumens. It represents the light intensity per unit area. 

The higher the lumen, the brighter the image produced. Every vendor recommends that you choose equipment with 1500-3000 ANSI lumens. The best option you can consider for home projectors is 2000 ANSI lumens.

Sound quality

If you want the absolute best sound quality, you should choose a projector of large size. The reason is that it will provide space to mount larger speakers for a better listening experience.

Set up

As you consider setting up your projector, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Weight

Different setup positions will require different weights. For example, if you place your device on a table, most any projector will do, but a small-volume product will be more suitable if you need to mount it on the ceiling.

  • Screen Length

Show your viewing attitude and HDTV format; 16:9 is the best.


What screen is best for a short-throw projector?

It will be difficult for us to choose a particular short-throw product that is best.

However, you can completely judge them based on your personal needs and characteristics such as size, brightness, sound quality, and setup.

Can I use a regular screen with a short-throw projector?

Regular screen

Manufacturers offer special screens specifically for short-throw projectors. However, you can use any normal projection screen with this one.

Are short-throw projectors brighter?

No one definition proves shorter projectors will be brighter. As mentioned in the above section, Lumens ANSI is the standard used by brands to measure brightness. The larger the lumen, the brighter the projected image will be.


What is a short throw projector? The short throw projector can display 100″ images from less than 9 feet or 3 meters away. 

The advantage of this type is that it can be available in smaller spaces without problems with vision or sharpness.

The short throw projector is a new improvement on projection devices. It serves the more specific needs of individuals or families in small spaces. 

You can completely use this product to watch movies or play games for the most realistic and vivid experience. At the same time, you are also very easy to set up and flexible in many different locations in the house.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ZDclick for the earliest answer. Thank you for reading!

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