How to hide a Subwoofer? 7 effective methods that you should not miss

How to hide a subwoofer? Are you looking for suitable positions to conceal the subwoofer? How can you retain the quality sound of the subwoofer when hiding it? The solutions below will help you choose a suitable hiding position.

I will provide detailed instructions on how to hide a subwoofer properly and helpful information on this task. Besides, I will also list some frequently asked questions to clarify users’ queries.

After reading this post, you can keep the subwoofer out of view and still get satisfying audio quality. Now, let’s read on to discover!

7 Ways To Hide A Subwoofer 

There are many places in the house you can use to hide the subwoofer. 

Some honorable examples are beneath the floor, on the coffee table, and in furniture or in a self-made box. 

However, the airflow ensures that your device functions properly. So pay attention to ventilation when hiding the sub as it needs the 

Solution 1 – Behind the sofa 

This is a placement for anyone with the sofa close to the walls, providing your subwoofers with the two-side cover.

Without deliberately looking for the sub or sitting next to it, you won’t be able to spot its position in the living room. 

In addition, hiding your subwoofer behind the sofa can decrease the high-energy sounds and protect your ears better in the long run.

You Can Put a Subwoofer Under A Table

Solution 2 – Hiding It With Plants 

Suppose you have some small trees or plants inside your house. This might be the best wall of camouflage of all time, providing your subwoofer with natural and beautiful concealment. 

Depending on the size of your plant pots, you can hide a wide range of subwoofers. However, homeowners need to water the plant habitually, and the water can damage your subwoofer. 

You need to move the device away frequently, which is pretty inconvenient. 

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Solution 3 – Under Furniture 

Coffee tables, bookshelves, and cabinets are suitable for hiding advanced subwoofers of small sizes.

This solution allows the user to take advantage of the empty space in the furniture. It also decreases or softens the excessive bass sounds since the furniture wall can hinder the acoustic transmission line. 

As a result, it can lower the volume level but still retain an excellent tactile response. You can enjoy high-end sound quality without worrying about disturbing the neighbors or waking sleeping family members.

Solution 4 – Fabric 

The fabric layer can hide your subwoofer effectively from plain sight, depending on the thickness and material. The ideal fabric for covering the subwoofer should be acoustically transparent.

By breathing through the fabric, you can know whether the sound can go through them. If you can feel your breath from the other side, then the sound can get through it easily and vice versa. 

The ideal material is cotton, which doesn’t hinder sound and is easy to find. 

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Solution 5 – Inside Cabinets  

This is the easiest way to conceal your subwoofers and save more space in the living room. Ensure the cabinet’s size is not bigger than the subwoofers to avoid unwanted repercussions. 

If you can’t find a  cabinet with optimal space, you can tuck some batting material or insulation around the device to reduce repercussions.

You should be careful when opening the cabinet not to block the front of the device and damage it.

Solution 6 – Build A False Wall 

Building a false wall is among the best solutions to hide the subwoofers, but it comes with a high cost. You must create a new wall in front of the room and put the subwoofers behind this wall. 

This way is compatible with a wide range of subwoofers’ sizes and adds more space to the room. You can also use the wall to display decorative items. 

However, this solution will affect your house structure and hinder the repair process when the subwoofers are damaged. 

You should ask the consultants carefully about these factors before installing.

Solution 7 – Behind A Set Of Curtains

Users can easily place the subwoofer on the window or under it and hide the device from view with the drapes. To conceal the subwoofers, you have to use a floor-length curtain. 

Instead of the long curtains, you can consider hanging some fabric panels to hide the subwoofer. These fabric panels provide aesthetic decoration, bringing your living room’s visual to another level.

Does A Subwoofer Have To Be On The Gloor? 

Many prestigious brands like Panasonic, Sony, and Sonos recommend that consumers place the subwoofer on the floor. It depends on the specific interior design of users’ rooms that affect the sound quality of the subwoofer. 

You should experiment with the sound quality of many positions in the room to choose a suitable spot. Basically, you can put the subwoofers everywhere in the house to meet the aesthetic and acoustic transmission demands. 

How to hide a Subwoofer?

Can You Put A Subwoofer Up High? 

The answer is yes. The subwoofer delivers the best sound quality when placed in line with other speakers, providing users with a stable and responsive acoustic transmission.  

Putting the subwoofer up high can quickly expand the room’s space and increase output, bringing a satisfying hearing experience to homeowners and visitors. 

To choose a suitable height, you can watch TV and listen to music to test and adjust the height accordingly.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can You Place The Subwoofer Behind You?

You can place the subwoofer behind your seats, but this is not an ideal position as you can’t achieve the best performance. The bass subwoofer’s transmission line becomes less smooth and clear. 

Basically, you can place the subwoofer anywhere you want, but the priority should always be the sound quality. You can consult a professional or read the owner’s manual carefully to choose the most optimal position.

What Is The Best Place For A Subwoofer?

You can put it in the corner of a room to increase the output, allowing the speakers’ sound to cover all over your room and bringing high-end hearing experiences.

In addition, you should make sure your house’s corners aren’t too far from your listening area. Hiding the subwoofers’ wires is a critical factor as wires lying across a floor can be easily stepped on and damaged.

how to hide a subwoofer in a corner
Room’s Corner Is An Ideal Place

Does Bass Go Through Walls?

We can hear bass through the walls and similar surfaces since the bass is a long soundwave. Meanwhile, the walls can resonate with high-frequency bass sounds. 

If you don’t want to disturb the neighbors and family members, consider adjusting the subwoofer position or using a bass trap. 

Final Thoughts

Those are the ideal positions to conceal the subwoofers. Depending on your available space and device’s sizes, opt for the place that you find most suitable. I hope that the instructions provided in this post can satisfy you. 

Thank you for reading!

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