How to Install a Powered Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo?

There’s no denying that connecting a quality subwoofer to your will boost the sound while allowing you to retain the factory controls. 

You can wire your sub into the existing stereo system on your car quickly and easily. All you need to do is prepare the necessary tools and follow our instructions.

How to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo? Check it out right now!

How to Install a Powered Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo?

If you want to connect your powered subwoofer, also known as an active subwoofer, to your car’s factory Stereo, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the Battery

You have to disconnect the battery before starting to protect yourself and your equipment.

Step 2: Attach Power Wires 

You will need to make a connection between your car’s batteries to your powered sub, which would pass through your vehicle’s firewall.

Step 3: Attach the Signal and Power Cords

Now, you will need to run the signal and power lines. It is time to use your line output converter as OEM stereos do not feature preamp outputs in most cases.

Step 4: Join Ground Wire

You should use a bolt to attach your car chassis to the ground wire.

You must ensure bare metal contact with a ground wire termination before jumping on the next step.

Step 5: Make the Wiring Connection

You will need to reconnect the negative terminal of your vehicle. 

Before putting your powered sub for testing, ensure your built-in amp’s gains are shifted down.

After you followed these steps correctly, you have successfully installed your powered sub to the factory stereo.

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  • You must ensure the car stereo is compatible with your powered sub. So, checking the car stereo before buying a powered subwoofer is essential.
  • You must select compatible products since having a proper sub-enclosure will enhance bass.
  • Disconnect the battery before proceeding with this project for your safety, your car’s safety, and your appliance’s safety.

How to Install a Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo?

Generally, the process is relatively simple, allowing you to get the job done yourself without the help of an expert, even if you are an amateur.

Step 1: Collect the Required Equipment

Here are all the tools you need to gather to complete this project smoothly. It is not difficult to find them at hardware stores:

  • Subwoofer box
  • Speaker for your subs
  • Basic tools
  • Some speaker wires
  • Amplifier
  • Wire harness kits

Step 2: Pick an Amp and a Speaker

An amplifier and speaker may only operate at maximum power for around one minute before burning out or overheating. 

We recommend considering your subwoofers’ RMS rating.

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Step 3: Take Apart Your Battery From The Car

It should be one of the essential steps in this whole process. Nothing would correctly work if you missed this issue. 

Overall, its primary purpose is to protect you.

Step 4: Disconnect Your Speaker’s Wires

All you need to do is disconnect the power source of your car, then switch it off. After that, you must physically remove your wires from the terminals or ports.

Step 5: Determinate Relevant Connections

Once you have established all output ports, you will need to define all connections that could be crucial to the connection process.

You need to connect an output port on your sub box and an LFE jack on your receiver. All you need to do is create a connection between the jack and the port utilizing the offered hole.

Step 6: Run Your Wires

First, you need to connect the battery. Let’s start by looking for a gap or hole in the firewall of your car.

Then run your wire through this hole/gap so that your wire can reach the car’s battery. You need to get rid of the insulation at the wire’s end, where you put your car’s battery.

Afterward, create a connection between an in-line fuse and your terminal. Then, run your remaining wire underneath your car’s carpeting. Next, you have to get the wire to your car’s car trunk.

Step 7: Strengthen Your Connections

Now, it is time to reinforce your connections. 

First, you will need to connect the positive wire from your sub to a left speaker with the (+) icon. 

Next, attach negative cables to the other speaker with the (-) icon.

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Step 8: Connect Speaker Cable & Plug in Your Car’s Battery Power

It is time to attach the speaker wire to your sub slowly. Eventually, reattach the power cable that you separated earlier.

Step 9: Check Out Your System

Check all of your wires last time before switching on your sub and car stereo. 

You will also need to check out your car stereo and amplifier settings to ensure everything is ok.


Should I Add a Sub to My Stereo?

The short answer is yes. 

The sub will add new depth and prominence to instruments like the bass drums or guitar. The bass may sound decent in your compact stereo listening system.

Is a Powered Subwoofer Better?

Despite all the advantages of passive subwoofers, active subs still tend to be the more popular option. They deliver a richer sound and produce better bass for music and movies.

What Is the Benefit of a Subwoofer?

They deliver a richer sound and provide better bass for movies and music.

Subs should be an integral component of any home theater sound system. They deliver a richer sound and provide better bass for movies and music.

You can place them almost anywhere in your room.


Hopefully, you should understand how to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo by now.

You need to remember that your subwoofer can be an energy-consuming device. So, you need to connect it to your car’s battery as one stable source. 

Once you have connected it to an amplifier, completing the wiring is necessary to enjoy excellent sound quality through the stereo speakers on your car.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you!

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