How to Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer?

The excellent combination of LG Subwoofer and soundbar is of interest to home theater lovers, especially beginners. There’s no denying that this combination will produce excellent sound for their price.

One of the things we appreciate about the LG soundbar is that it usually features a built-in subwoofer. For those models that don’t, they will also typically have a wireless sub that you can easily connect to the main device.

Pairing an LG soundbar with the subwoofer is easy. Let’s read on to find out how to pair the LG soundbar with a subwoofer right now.

How to Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer?

How to connect an LG soundbar with a sub

Here is the easiest way to pair a subwoofer with the LG soundbar, which will work no matter which subwoofer or soundbar you use. Connecting the two won’t take long, whether yours is a budget or high-end soundbar.

Step 1: Switch on the subwoofer. You will notice a red light that signals it is in standby mode.

Step 2: Many users are confused about the way they connect. When you turn on the subwoofer, it should automatically begin flashing green, and look for the soundbar. It is not necessary to use a cable to connect these units.

Step 3: Once the subwoofer has found your soundbar, a flashing green light should turn into a permanent green light. That is a sign that you have succeeded!

Connecting these two units is easy, isn’t it? The fact is that you do not need other things. If your units are not yet connected, don’t worry! There’re still some aspects that allow you to connect them successfully. 

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What Should You Do if Your Two Devices Still Are Not Connecting

What should you do if the two units still are not connecting?

If your units are not yet connected, don’t worry! There are some things that allow you to connect them successfully. Here’re some easy steps worth trying to link the soundbar to the subwoofer.

Step 1: Switch on the LG Soundbar and Subwoofer.

Step 2: Select the volume of the two units to a minimum. 

Step 3: You’ll need to rest your subwoofer and a soundbar. To do this, you must push and hold the Stop or the Mute button.

Step 4: Now, you’ll need to reset the pairing mode.

Step 5: It is time to restart your audio system. All you need to do is cut off the power supply by unplugging the power cord before plugging back in again.

Step 6: Play any audio or music to test. 

Pairing Fix for Old Subwoofers and LG Soundbars

The steps mentioned above may not work for subwoofers and soundbars from a long time ago. Suppose you have purchased a sub and a soundbar combo for three or four years, and the above doesn’t work for you.

In this case, you should try the following solution to handle the pairing issue:

Step 1: Find the control buttons on your soundbar unit.

In most of the older LG soundbars, you’ll find extra buttons in addition to the primary control buttons. For example, it might include volume down/up, power, and play/pause.

Step 2: Find a control button that delivers extra functionality in addition to the primary controls.

Step 3: Find the Stop button on a remote control unit. 

Step 4: Push and hold the Stop button on the remote control and the extra button on the soundbar simultaneously.

Step 5: If successful, the LED on your subwoofer will blink green, while the LED status on your soundbar will display the “Paired” status.

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Where Should You Place Your Sub? 

Where should you put your sub?

If you just bought a new LG subwoofer, it is essential to determine the ideal place to put it. Whatever subwoofer you buy, you should avoid letting it touch the wall. Instead, placing it some inches away from a wall is best.

When you use your subwoofer to play sounds, it will bounce off of your house’s walls. Many experienced people will place their subwoofer below their TV. But, this is not the only area where you should put your sub.

Another good place to put your subwoofer is in your room’s corner, and of course, make sure your subwoofer is some inches away from a wall. 

In that way, your subwoofer will produce more sound and could get the loudest volume out of the LG soundbar.

Don’t leave too much space between your LG soundbar and the subwoofer. It is essential if you use a wireless sub. The reason is that the closer they are, the better the connection.

However, these devices should not be too close to each other. Ideally, make sure the two are at least a few feet apart. Furthermore, ensure there are no devices in between these units if possible.

These devices are connected wirelessly, meaning they utilize the 2.4 GHz band. 

So any other units that utilize the same band, such as a baby monitor and cordless home phone, may significantly affect their connection.

Also, you should try placing your subwoofer in various areas in your room until you get the expected sound.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why Is My Sub Blinking Green?

The green light on your LG subwoofer indicates that it’s disconnected.

Where Is a Pairing Button on My LG Soundbar?

You will probably find this pairing button on the backside of your LG soundbar.

How Do I Reset My LG Wireless Sound Bar?

To do this, you must simultaneously push and hold the volume down button on your soundbar with the sound effect button on your remote control. 

Hold these two buttons for a few seconds before releasing them, which will reset the LG soundbar.

Why Won’t The Sub Connect to My Soundbar?

You must ensure that both the soundbar and subwoofer are plugged in. Turning on the pairing mode either on your subwoofer or soundbar is essential.

You can reset the soundbar and subwoofer and re-pair them from the beginning.

What Should I Do If My LG Sub Does Not Work?

If your LG Sub is not running, you need to start by turning the soundbar’s volume down by pushing the Volume button. Check out your LG sub again. 

If it can solve the problem, you need to unplug your LG Soundbar and replug it after five minutes.


You will efficiently and quickly pair your LG soundbar and a subwoofer. All you need to do is turn your subwoofer on, wait for the flashing green light and find your soundbar, and you are done!

Once the LG soundbar finds your soundbar, they will connect, and you can listen to your favorite films and music through your great soundbar.

You should use a combo of a sub and a soundbar together to obtain the best sound quality. A subwoofer can provide the low deep sounds that you wouldn’t be able to get with just a soundbar.

Hopefully, you have the answer to pairing your LG soundbar with a sub. If you have any queries, leave us a comment.

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